in just eight short weeks, we’ll help you become



Your best body ever, in eight short weeks.

Our mission at THR1VE is to make extraordinary health, deliciously simple.

So we have designed the THR1VE protocol to set you up with the skills and knowledge to help you look feel and perform at your best. And because like us, you’re probably short on time – we’ve created a program that works on the minimum effective dose, so you don’t have to spend hours at the gym or weighing out food.

What you will learn?


Research indicates that up to 80% of our body composition is determined by what we eat. Reprogram your metabolism to burn stored body-fat.


We are all born athletes. When we move appropriately, our DNA is programmed to manifest the development of a lean, strong physique. Learn how.


How we play supports neuro-elasticity, serves as active recovery from training, and optimizes our intellectual and emotional performance.


Change is Nature's only constant. A fundamental of athletic conditioning for decades, and the key to progress.

just a few of the


Lose body fat and drastically
improve your body composition

your best body EVER.arrow

Improve your



Discover how it feels to look,
feel and perform at your best

arrow and maintain it.

Feel healthier, happier, leaner and
by enjoying real food.

not powders,
shakes & diet pillsarrow

Drastically improve
your wellbeing



Discover a healthy and
sustainable way of life


in the program

Training Manual & Food Diary

Accountability is often the key to success, our comprehensive training diary helps you record your progress and stay on track with your 4 weekly training sessions.

Private Forum

Support forum with access to previous Protocoler’s, THR1VE HQ and THR1VE experts to answer any questions you may have or to help you through bumps along the way.


The THR1VE cookbook is available as a seperate purhcase to your Protocol bundle and includes over 60 delicious recipes that will even please fussy partners or kids. Did we mention chicken schnitzel and waffles are still on the menu.


We’re driven by science so include all the theory behind why these methods are effective in creating a lean, strong and healthy body. If the science bores you, you can skip it.

seriously amazing

Success Stories

from our Customers to our Crew, it’s all real.


We recommend using a Certified Personal Trainer to master the movements with correct form for the first few weeks. The program can be followed by using body weight exercises, but you will find results come much quicker when using basic equipment, that most gyms will have.

If you’re planning on training at home, purchasing a few kettle bells, some battle ropes, a foam roller and an “ab wheel” is a great start.

The THR1VE Protocol is suitable for all levels of fitness and ages. The program is easily tailored to your own unique objectives and goals, so don’t be intimidated if you’ve never set foot in a gym. If you’re already fit an feisty, there is still lots to learn and improve on with the help of the THR1VE Protocol.

We recommend two strength sessions a week (approximately 30 minutes each), and two HIIT sessions a week (approximately 15 minutes each), at the time of day that suits you. The entire program is easily tailored to suit your weekly schedule, and is also simple to do if you’re travelling.

Throughout the 8 weeks we also highly recommend you engage in brisk walking in the mornings, and active play throughout the week.

A new you! You will have lost body fat, built muscle and you’ll be feeling energetic and empowered. The knowledge you will have gained throughout the process not only means that you now look, feel and perform your best, but you also have to tools to maintain and build on this going forward.

Your clothes will fit a little better. Your skin will shine a little brighter. Your step will be a little lighter. Your smile will be a little bigger!

Depending on your starting point, you can expect to see a drop in body fat and an increase in muscle mass, just like the people in our “success stories”. Remember that numbers on a scale are not important here - and that progress is individual depending on your starting point and how well you have stuck to the program.

But we can guarantee, by following the THR1VE Protocol, you will lose weight, shred body fat, build lean muscle and finish the 8 weeks looking, feeling and performing your best.