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Captain THR1VE was created by our Founder & CEO to help parents to encourage their kids to be healthy and happy.
Available at most THR1VE Stores, ask our friendly staff for a kids menu, some colouring in pencils and even for a Lenovo Tablet, to entertain the little ones
while you sit down for your meal. Enjoy!




Who is Captain THR1VE?


Arnold Robertson was a smart, curious and happy child. 

Although he was small for his age, and suffered physical weakness, constant colds and flu, and persistent allergies, he did so in good humour for the first twelve years of his life.  

Arnold was fortunate to have a loving family, and some good friends at primary school, and as so many young children are, was blissfully unaware of how some people might try to take advantage of his weakness to their own hurtful advantage.  He loved watching TV, and playing computer games, and though he didn’t get outside much, it didn’t seem to matter.  

However, upon starting high school, Arnold first encountered Siegfried Blunderbottom, (the future Evil Lord Sugar), a nasty, spiteful and mean young man, who led a gang of similar ruffians, who banded together to mercilessly tease young Arnold every day.  They teased him about his lack of physical size and strength, his constant runny nose and sneezing, and they pushed him around in front of the other kids.  It was humiliating, and it made Arnold very sad.  

For the first time in his life, Arnold started to become aware of the fact he had perhaps contributed to his weakness, by not being smart about what he ate, and how much exercise he got. So being the smart and curious child that he was (albeit not so happy anymore….)  Arnold was determined to find a way to cure what ailed him.  Not out of fear, but out of courage and determination, to never again be subject to pain and humiliation of not being able to stand up for himself.  

Arnold knew, that if could find a way to become healthier, and stronger, he would be able to take whatever Siegfried and his horrible friends could throw at him.  He wasn’t worried about what other people thought of him, but he was determined to be the best version of himself he could be, and he knew he had let himself down by not doing so.  

It was time to take control, get healthy and strong, and that would change everything.

In fact, Arnold knew he would feel invincible!



So Arnold began to seek out knowledge, far and wide.  

He spoke to his parents, the gym teacher at school, and the captain of the track team.  He read everything he could find in the school library, and on the internet, about healthy eating and exercise.  What he learnt astounded him!  Arnold now knew that by simply eliminating all the junky processed foods, and by eating healthy foods like meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, he could transform his health!  Not only that, but by also getting off the TV watching couch and putting away the computer games, he could free up time to exercise outside, climb trees, run on the beach, and wrestle with his friends.  

Almost immediately upon changing the decisions he made three times a day about what he ate, and how he exercised, Arnold started to notice the changes.   So did Siegfried and his nasty mates!

It’s not like Arnold was actually stronger straight away, it was more that he felt stronger, more confident, and more courageous.  

And Siegfried and his gang noticed something a little... different about Arnold too.  He didn’t look so scared when they approached him.  He got straight back up again when they pushed him down.  And pretty soon he had a look in his eye that said ‘I wouldn’t do that again if I were you’.  Plus, over time, Arnold DID get stronger, and stronger.  It wasn’t just in his head, it was real, his muscles were growing and he was actually stronger.  

By the middle of High School young Arnold was eating an abundance of natural and unprocessed foods, and training with weights in the school gym, and at the track for sprints.  He swam in summer, and played football in winter.  He was reading more and more, and became an expert on nutrition and training.  

Indeed, he was becoming, little by little…. Captain THR1VE!

But at the same time, young Siegfried was going in the exact opposite direction.  Becoming increasingly addicted to lollies, candies, soft drinks, and all sorts of other junk foods, he was becoming less and less healthy, and meaner and meaner.  The massive sugar intakes, and all the weird chemicals in the processed foods, were turning into a different person.  

Huge mood swings, even worse than before, hyperactive tantrums, aggressiveness towards other kids and even pets, and worse.  The huge amounts of sugar and chemicals in the processed foods was poisoning him inside and out.  His gang followed suit, because as always they couldn’t think for themselves, and like complete idiots just did whatever Siegfried did.  

And the crazy thing is, almost everyone failed to see what was happening.  Teachers and parents called it a ‘stage’, or a ‘medical condition’, to be treated with drugs.  So now he added even more chemicals to his edit in the form of behavioural drugs, never designed for children.  No one saw that it was all about the sugar, huge amounts of excess sugar, that was destroying the health and happiness of Siegfried and his gang of malcontents.

Little by little, day by day, young Siegfried was becoming a monster... The Evil Lord Sugar was born.

Ever since, a fierce battle has raged.  On the one side we have Captain THR1VE and his followers, dedicated to making the world a stronger, healthier and happier place.  On the other, Evil Lord Sugar and his gang of rotten toothed, grumpy and mean, hunched monsters, committed to making the entire world addicted to sugar, and unhealthy and unhappy as a result.  

You know what they say about 'misery loves company'?  Well...The Evil Lord Sugar is super miserable, and he wants everyone to be just as sad and unhappy as him.  

It is a valiant battle, and often times Captain THR1VE is unsure of whether he can continue, as it seems Evil Lord Sugar has so many allies among big business and even some parts of the government, but Captain THR1VE will never give up.  Never, never, never!

And so the battle continues, each and every day, amongst all of us...if we care to stop and notice, and take control of our lives.  So choose a side, who will YOU support?

Stay tuned for the exciting adventures of Captain THR1VE, as he takes on the massed forces of doom, led by Evil Lord Sugar.