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Seriously, almond milk has got to the best thing since smashed avocado on Paleo Toast (yeah, that stuff is real) but do we know why that is? Or do we think we do but don’t actually but just have it because we assume it is healthier? Perhaps you just love the awesome nutty taste and don’t care too much for the health aspect because you are just addicted to having it in general.

Well, here are five reasons to love almond milk

(especially that of the home-made kind, like THR1VE’s, in case you didn’t already know)



Lactose Free

Unlike dairy, almond milk is lactose (sugar) free so you will skip the insulin spikes. Thus you won’t get your stored fat blocked from being utilised as energy. Nor will you have negative effects on the satiety hormone regulator Leptin, which becomes blind when insulin levels are high and can’t tell the stomach that you are in fact full. So not only will almond milk make sure you know you are full, but it will help you utilise fat for energy. Winning.


Now it is true that dairy milk contains more calcium per litre, however – it also contains much more acidity and as a result this causes your kidneys to excrete most of the quality nutrients from dairy milk to ensure your body remains in a balanced environment to function orderly. It’s so important for your body to work in a regulated environment and so although many drink more milk, you actually absorb a very minimal amount of calcium through it. In contrast, almonds have a much less acidic impact and therefore you actually gain a quality amount of calcium without having the added stress on your kidneys nor the waste in your toilet bowl. So to help out our kidney friends – try to drink more almond milk than dairy milk.



Vitamin E

Now, admittedly there are seriously too many vitamins and trace minerals found in almond milk that you can count, but let’s concentrate on vitamin E. This thing is amazing! It is fat soluble and regarded as an antioxidant… a cancer fighter. Whats particularly out of bounds with vitamin E is the way it helps out the nervous system. It is central to keeping the brain and the rest of the nervous system functioning efficiently. Furthermore, if you are someone who has a below par memory – make sure you are having your almond milk as vitamin E helps keep those once distant thoughts alive in your brain. Because of this amazing quality it is also used to help prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, both initiating from problems in the nervous system.

Omega 3 Power

Omega 3 fatty acids are anti inflammatory agents, fighting off possible autoimmune responses that can lead to a number of Defcon reactions from swelling and the flu to even death via disease. Omega 6 fatty acids, although they hold a number of quality properties of their own to help us out – are actually pro-inflammatory, meaning they are instigators in these autoimmune responses. So yes, we should probably keep these bad boys to a minimum… Back in the day (500 years ago) we had an Omega 3:6 ratio of 1:2, however now with the western diet and agriculture boom it is more like 1:12. Can you see a link here with the increasing epidemic of diseases? Thank goodness for almond milk, as it has a high Omega 3:6 ratio helping us revert back to the ways of our ancestors, except we now have LeBron James and hashtags.



If you know me and thus my number one rule (as if it were your favorite barristers name) with food is it must taste awesome. So I never sacrifice flavour for health, I just make everything that is Healthy taste friggin’ awesome. So when it comes to almond milk, made fresh, I simply cant go past its nuttiness and subtle sweet note. It is amazingly versatile and goes with fruit, granolas, smoothies and the subtle sweet stuff or as I have experimented more recently, can be used in Paleo pasta for creamy sauces, mashed sweet potato and curries.

I started making my own years ago and haven’t looked back. It is amazing! Don’t be fooled there are a number of almond milk brands now coming about that add vegetable gums, thickeners and preservatives to their products, there are only a few you can trust. THR1VE make their Almond Milk from scratch so there is no problem having to think about any unwanted additives in your morning flat white or your Apple Pie Smoothie. With their GF oats and regularly updated smoothie and expansive coffee menu, their fresh almond milk is something you should definitely wrap your hands around.

If you want to make your own almond milk at home, I’ve teamed up with THR1VE to give you an easy step-by-step guide:



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