A New Performance Paradigm

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You had to do it all to survive; build, hunt, read the weather, performing your role in the tribe was never a one-dimensional task. In the modern world most people are good for one or two tasks but are useless when it comes to 99% of the technologies we rely on everyday.

Well the same story is true for strength training.

100 years ago being a gym goer meant you did it all. Rope climbing, somersaults, heavy lifting and flexibility were all sought after in equal doses. The legends of those times performed amazing all-round feats under the big-tops of the circus and gave health advice to royalty.



Fast forward 90 years and we see bodybuilders who have to eat every 2 hours to hold their size, we see powerlifters who can’t touch their toes or run a lap around the block without needing jumpers on standby. Even many elite athletes, our modern day Greek gods, have had issues with abusing pharmaceutical and recreational drugs and alcohol. What happened to Physical Culture – a way of life built around health and physical expression?

But all isn’t lost. There is a new paradigm in performance. Close to home I’ve seen it with the success of the Sydney Roosters and the NSW Blues in Rugby League. Both teams recently broke away from the dogma of “drink hard, play hard” to win against the odds.

In the strength world a new style of athlete is also emerging. This new athlete is mastering bodyweight control in handstand push-ups, L-sits, levers and rings training as well as traditional weightlifting and powerlifting.

And why not!?


We live in the information age where there is no excuse for a PT not to know how to perform and coach: a snatch of more than body weight, strict ring muscle-ups for reps AND twice body weight deadlifts.

If you want to do these things and your coach can’t then you should start shopping around. If you’re a coach, time for an upskill!

“Nemo dat quod non habet”

– you can not give what you do not have .




So what is the new performance paradigm?

It’s mobility, body weight strength and being lean year-round. The new performance paradigm is not being a afraid to set big goals publically and go after them, this is a big part of the reason why my athletes and clients have success.

You see the point of a goal isn’t in achieving or missing the result.

The point of the goal is to change your day to day actions and embark on a new way of life towards that goal. Earl Nightingale said, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” What ideal is more worthy of us than making the most of the physical gifts we have. To nurture and develop the body we live in is one of the greatest things we can do in life.


It’s not about the 6-pack! That’s right …

As you learn to think, eat, move and recover better your body will be transformed. Learning to do things you never thought possible with your body then becomes something much bigger than a party trick or an impressive business card.

Your movement becomes an expression of your creativity and your infinite capacity to learn and express yourself to the fullest.

Movement becomes a vehicle to THR1VE in all aspects of life. Don’t take my word for it. Embrace the new performance paradigm and see the effects it has on you and the world you live in. If you want my help on the journey get in touch. Building the new performance paradigm is something I’ll gladly trade my life for.




- Keegan Smith